It’s all about the light.

From my youth I’ve been a keen photographer where I learned the fundamentals of traditional photography from the ground up. It has stood me in good stead, even in this digital technology era where so many things have been automated or otherwise de-skilled.

As well as family portraits, studio, and scenic photography, I have worked with charities, churches and businesses to cover events, photograph products and staff, supplying images for their websites and other promotional media, providing images that have impact.

My photographs have been published in newspapers, magazines, CD album covers, websites and promotional materials for professional musicians, commercial websites, and also viewed around the world via social media.


Of course, I’m a computery person too, so I’m a dab hand at Photoshop, Lightroom, RAW processing and a few others.

I have modern, professional camera equipment, portable studio lighting with various backgrounds and props.

The success of a photograph is not merely in the equipment, although good gear can help. It’s about knowing how to use it properly to exploit its full advantage in conjunction with interpersonal skills, understanding light and composition.


While photography is a very technical art, it is so much more. Working with people to get them to look their best is a crucial skill for a photographer. Creating a rapport, developing moods or expressions that reveal the essential character of the subject are as essential as being able to control the lighting to show their ‘best side’.

Interpersonal skills, perception and intuition are key.


Photography is not simply a set of rules, following technical specifications or procedures. On the other hand, it is usually not about random shooting either. Some people may have a ‘natural eye’ for a picture but most aspiring photographers would do well to study the basic concepts of composition and develop their own style and technique from there.

Rules of composition can be studied, read from a book or downloaded from numerous sources on the web, but whether the subject matter is animate or inanimate, good composition is an art that generally comes from years of hard work, study and experience.