Thank you for taking a glimpse of the world through my eyes.

Photo of Norman YoungNoyo is an abbreviation of my name Norman Young.

I’m an experienced photographer, based in Central Scotland, with a life long passion for great imagery. This website is designed as a showcase of my photography.

I take photographs of almost anything but especially enjoy photographing people.

It has been said that, ‘the eyes are the window to the soul’. Likewise, a camera in the hands of a good photographer becomes the eye that reveals essential character.

I prefer to work with natural light, but I also have portable studio lights and backgrounds.
These can be set up almost anywhere that has an electricity supply and sufficient space, such as business premises, public halls or large rooms.

My work

  • published by news media, magazines
  • musicians’ websites & CD album covers
  • commercial, industrial and non-profit enterprises for their websites and brochures
  • photos of staff, products, buildings and equipment

Do you need great images?

Are you a business, charity, musician or aspiring model/actor looking for quality images?

People, Products, Premises/Buildings, Technology, Landscapes, Art,
delivered as Prints, Digital Media for Websites. Got the picture?

Get in touch with me.

My images have impact.

I also design and build Responsive Websites and Mobile Smartphone Apps for businesses or other enterprises. (Link opens in new tab/window).