Noyo is an abbreviation of my name Norman Young.


Photography, Printing, Art, Design

I’ve spent a lifetime pursuing and developing skills centred around photography, art, printing, design, layout and also been involved with the high tech world of semiconductors (aka silicon chips), mainly in the design of chip layouts for photomask manufacture, involving Computer Aided Design (CAD).

Websites, Photomask CAD Layout, Photonics Design

When my career in the semiconductor industry apparently came to end, a number of years ago, I drew on my talents in the use of graphics, photography and computers to study for a Post Grad in ‘Software Technology for the Web’. I then worked as a professional freelance photographer and website developer for around 10 years until I was lured back to my old trade, as a CAD Layout Design Engineer, this time in the compound semiconductor industry, designing photomask layouts of photonics devices.

But in my leisure time a camera was never far from my hand.

Smartphone Marketing Apps, Websites

Several years later I’ve moved on from that as a permanent role and I have started an exciting new Mobile Internet Marketing business, developing Smartphone Apps for SMEs, developing websites and taking the photos if required.

Check out my App Design Website here! (opens in new window/tab).

I also intend to develop my photography once again, which should be complementary to the new venture. Watch this space, as they say!

Prints & MORE

If you would like prints or to license any of my images for your website, please do get in touch and we can arrange something.


Do you need great photographs? Are you a business, website developer, charity, aspiring model/actor, family or individual looking for quality images?

People, Families, Websites, Prints, Landscapes, Products, Premises, Art, Technology.
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