Colinton Tunnel

Colinton Tunnel is a former railway tunnel in Edinburgh, now used as a foot and cycle path. Still a work-in-progress, the walls are being decorated with ‘graffiti’ by artist Chris Rutterford to create a heritage […]

Chasing Aurora

Aurora, the Aurora Borealis or in Scotland, “The Northern Lights” are phenomena I’ve known about for many years. Living in Central Scotland, as I do, I didn’t expect to be able to see them as […]


The Sunflower The sunflower was the inspiration for my logo, almost from day one. Sunflowers turn their heads throughout the day to face the sun. They follow the best light. Photography is all about light […]


Photoshop – So misunderstood. Photoshop is a software tool (app) for editing and processing photographs. Unfortunately, for many people, the term that an image ‘has been Photoshopped’ has become synonymous with fakery. What they may […]